Announcement of Group Membership

Dear Colleagues,

Besides the categories of individual membership (5-year or lifetime), IMLA is pleased to announce that a group lifetime membership is now available, allowing individuals from the same institution to join IMLA as a group.

Please note that the individual within the group remains an important element of IMLA and that individuals thus bear responsibility for their own membership (participation, input, etc.). For this reason, individuals are kindly requested to provide contact details and information about their specific research interests.

The individuals of group membership receive a discount on the lifetime membership fee depending on the total number of individuals. Options for fees per group are as follows:

  • 2-10 individuals (10% discount on lifetime membership) = 135 Euro per person
  • 11-20 individuals (20% discount on lifetime membership) = 120 Euro per person
  • 21+ individuals (30% discount on lifetime membership) = 105 Euro per person

You can register here.

Best regards,