Call for Photos: IMLA Photo Exhibits 2018

( from “Beyond the Horizon” Exhibit )


In an effort to recognize the invaluable contribution of seafarers are making to the world maritime industry, IMLA is looking for outstanding photographs to be included in photo exhibits on the following possible occasions, in collaboration with the Japanese Seafarers’ Group.

  • Photo Exhibit “HOLAS for SOLAS”, IMO headquarters, 2018 (dates to be confirmed)

IMLA and the Japanese Seafarers Group will jointly hold a photo exhibit with the theme of “HOLAS for SOLAS”(HOLAS stands for Happiness of Life At Sea) at IMO headquarters in 2018.

  •  Photo Exhibit at the 25th IMLA Conference, Manila, Philippine, October 2018

IMLA and the Japanese Seafarers Group will see a photo exhibit at the 25th IMLA Conference which is to be organized by the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), Manila, Philippine, October 2018.

  •  Other occasions /usage

         IMLA may also consider the winning photos for exhibitions on other possible occasions including exhibits at MET campuses, or for use on IMLA Newsletter covers.

We welcome photographic artists from IMLA members and other individuals dedicated to maritime education and training across the globe to submit their work. Photographs should reflect the theme of onboard training and learning of cadets from maritime institutes, and be of the highest aesthetic and technical quality.


Requirements of Photo Submission

1. JPG format (photo file size must be more than 1 MB );
2. A maximum of two (2) photographs may be submitted by a single photographer;
3. Submissions must be e-mailed to and titled with your name with “Photos MET” in the subject line. Please include your full name and image captions within the body of the email.
*Photographs will be selected by the IMLA Committee. Winning photographers will be asked to write a concise paragraph to accompany the photograph.


About International Maritime Lecturers Association (IMLA)

IMLA provides a no-border forum: a round table for discussions on sea-related issues. Teachers and other interested parties from all over the world dedicated to mediating in the process of Maritime Education and Training (MET) are invited to become members and to freely present their achievements, share experiences and exchange ideas.

IMLA came into being in 1977 and held its first major conference in June 1980, when the Association’s constitution was adopted. Here its aim is clearly stated: “to promote contact and cooperation between Maritime Lecturers of all disciplines and to develop a body of professional expertise”. This it attempts to fulfill at its regular international conferences and through this portal. IMLA was accredited with consultative status from IMO in 1993.

Since 2009, IMLA has worked with Japanese Seafarers Group in holding photo exhibits at IMLA annual conferences taking place at MET institutes of various countries in the world including Ghana, Netherlands, Croatia, USA and China.


About the Japanese Seafarers Group

For the past three decades, the Japanese Seafarers Group(Hato-kai),has devoted itself to organizing photo exhibitions themed on seafarers’ life. “Beyond the Horizon” debuted in 1987 and is a traveling exhibition of amateur photographs taken by a group of Japanese seafarers who work on ocean-going vessels and visualize impressions of nature from the view of seafarers.

The aim of this exhibition is to introduce to the general public the daily lives of the seafarers working on sea, various ships they met in the ocean, beauty and dignity of great nature, fantastic smiles of people the world over and the like. All photographs have been taken by the seafarers. During this 31-years period, the series of exhibitions have traveled to 56 venues in Japan and many harbor cities in the world as well as IMO Headquarters.



Ms Yingming Wang 

Coordinator, IMLA Secretariat 


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