IMLA Call for Documents for MSC96

Documents should be received by the Secretariat as follows:

1. documents containing proposals for new and unplanned outputs, by 9 February 2016 (13-week deadline);

2. documents (including information documents) containing more than six pages of text (bulky documents2), by 9 February 2016 (13-week deadline);

3. non-bulky documents including information documents (six pages or fewer) and bulky information documents submitted in electronic format, by 8 March 2016 (nine-week deadline); and

4. documents (four pages or less) commenting on those referred to in subparagraphs .1 to .3 above, by 22 March 2016 (seven-week deadline). These documents should start with a paragraph clearly indicating the document on which comments are made and stating that the document is submitted in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 6.12.5 of the guidelines;

Welcome interested IMLA members to submit documents to IMLA Office: !

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