INSLC 20 (2018): Preliminary Announcement


The 20th International Navigation Simulator Lecturers Conference (IMLA-INSLC20) will be organized by New Zealand Maritime School of Manukau Institute of Technology, on Tuesday/Wednesday 11/12 September 2018(dates to be confirmed). More information will be coming soon. Please stay tuned. 
INSLC, as a Special Interest Group under IMLA, offers opportunities of meetings for those who are navigation simulator lecturers. The members and attendees of INCLC are the world leaders in the field of maritime instruction as it relates to the use of part task and full mission simulation in maritime education and training. However, because of the broad range of subjects presented and discussed at the INSLC the organization is of interest for other maritime stakeholders who are concerned with or interested in safety at sea, on waterways and in ports from a training or research aspect. Nautical officers and ship masters, members of professional nautical associations, VTS personnel, harbour masters, ship owners/operators, maritime safety administrations, maritime casualty investigation boards, maritime research institutes will benefit from participating in INLSC activities.



About New Zealand Maritime School of Manukau Institute of Technology




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