Membership Renewal Notice

To all IMLA members,
With the New Year 2016 well underway, it is time to remind you of your obligations as IMLA member.
According to IMLA Constitution, a member is a person who has paid the membership fee. That means that if you are lagging behind in payment, your membership might have expired. (The Lifetime Membership does not expire and these members may thus disregard this reminder).
The previous category group-membership expired after 2 years and there are presently no valid group members registered. Furthermore it has been decided to discontinue the group membership category as per 2015 due to difficulty in monitoring the regularly changing, actual group members’ extent. Former group members therefore need to make an individual registration from now on.
As an IMLA member, you are entitled to the membership benefits such as the Newsletter, access to the information provided at the membership area on the website, the reduced conference fees at IMLA events and so on.
In order to renew your membership, please fill out the membership form which can be found on the website All payment details can also be found there. Should you be in doubt if your membership is still valid, please send an email to the me( for an update.
As stated this reminder does not apply to the Lifetime Members. This category is now open to all members, without the restriction of required previous 5 year membership validity. This option is strongly recommended to all interested members as it is more economic in the long term and administratively more efficient.
We hope 2016 will be an educational IMLA year for us all.
Prof. Capt. Stephen Cross
IMLA Honorary Treasurer

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