The International Maritime Lecturers Association (IMLA) provides a professional global forum for exchanging information and discussing issues related to Maritime Education and Training (MET). Thus, the membership of IMLA is composed largely of MET lecturers from all over the world. Many of these dedicated individuals have been working within maritime education and training for years, and are recognised as excellent teachers, researchers and managers and as a result help to improve the quality of MET and raise the profile and image of MET locally and globally. In order to recognize and promote their academic accomplishments, diligence and dedication to MET, IMLA has launched the “MET Educators” column on the IMLA webpage to publicize and profile these often forgotten successful professionals. Those nominated are generally,  recommended by their MET institutes and further verified by IMLA.

Captain Craig Dalton

Professor, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

25 years sailing onboard,14 years teaching

Co-chair for the IMLA-INSLC18

Captain Craig Dalton holds a U.S. Coast Guard Unlimited tonnage Masters license along with corresponding STCW documentation. He holds a BS degree in Marine Transportation from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and a MS in Management from Cambridge College.

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Captain Wu Huiguo

Professor, Shanghai Maritime University

25 years sailing onboard, over 30 years teaching

IMLA Member

Captain Wu Huiguo, is a professor at the Merchant Marine College of Shanghai Maritime University, a postgraduate supervisor, and former Deputy Dean of SMU's Merchant Maritime College.

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