AMC New Simulator for Immersive Engine Room Operations

The opening of a new simulator at the Australian Maritime College means students can now master engine room operations in one of the most immersive environments in the world.

The state-of-the-art engine room simulator features virtual reality screens for a life-like training experience on a range of diesel and electric propulsion ship engines.

Designed and manufactured by Kongsberg, the simulator will be used by students to prepare for routine and emergency engine room operations, troubleshooting, optimal operation, fuel economy and energy conservation.

Simulated training prepares students for real-world, on-vessel training and enables them to deal with complex situations — such as fires — that can't easily be taught on ships.

A group of students from the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, United Arab Emirates, have undergone training in the simulator as part of their degrees. They explained that they found the experience realistic.

"The simulator experience…was like a real experience of an engine room. We can truly say that this subject has helped us to have a greater understanding of how the engine room operates… and what we have learnt will surely impact our careers,” they wrote in a letter.

Gamini Lokuketagoda, who leads AMC’s simulated training in the engine room, said that the investment in the facility will benefit students for years to come.

“Students learning engine room operations will now be able to take advantage of the most capable engine simulation facilities available today.

“The 3D display is incredibly immersive and — I speak from experience — is as close as you can get to being on a real ship.

The 3D display is incredibly immersive and — I speak from experience — is as close as you can get to being on a real ship.

“I’m convinced that such a realistic experience means that AMC will be one of the best places in the world to prepare students for working with real engine rooms.”

Key features of the new facility include:

  • An engine control room with ship instrumentation and management consoles
  • An engine room with 65 inch virtual reality touchscreens
  • Simulated CCTV functionality for monitoring funnel emissions, main engines and generators
  • Individual work stations for up to 16 students.
  • Training  range of diesel and electric ships

Ship/engine models available for training are:

  • Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC), with MAN MC-90-V engine on K-Sim Full Mission system
  • Container ship with 12 RT Flex engine on Desk Top (DT) system
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) carrier with Dual-Fuel Diesel Electric Propulsion on DT system
  • Roll-on Roll off (Ro-Ro) Passenger ferry with Pielstik M-22-PC engine on DT system

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