The Closing Ceremony of Seminar on Maritime Safety and Marine Environmental Protection in the Strait

Dalian Maritime University


On the afternoon of September 21th, the Closing Ceremony of Seminar on Maritime Safety and Marine Environmental Protection in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore was held in International Conference Hall. This five-day seminar was sponsored by Ministry of Transport and hosted by DMU. Prof. Liu Zhengjiang, Vice-President of DMU attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Prof. Xu Bin, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office.

Firstly, Prof. Liu Zhengjiang delivered an address. He extended the congratulations to all maritime officials and expressed appreciations to all the lecturers on behalf of DMU. He said that DMU has launched enormous training and educational programs in maritime field for African, East European and Asian countries, but this was the first seminar, to be held for maritime officials of ASEAN countries. He hoped that, through this seminar, every official could have a better understanding of the related international codes and China's experience of maritime management and education. In addition, he hoped that these maritime officials could be the bridge between DMU and their countries so as to contribute to further cooperation and exchange in maritime field.

Mr. Dilshad Ahmad, Senior Officer from Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, made a speech on behalf of all the maritime officials of this seminar. He expressed appreciations to Ministry of Transport and DMU for their scrupulous arrangements for the seminar. He said that this was a golden opportunity for the participants to learn and exchange ideas. Through one-week lectures and three technical visits, they got a better understanding of regulations on maritime safety and environmental protection as well as some experience of China's maritime management.At last, Mr. Dilshad Ahmad said that they would bring what they have learned back to their countries and spare no efforts to contribute to the development of the straits of Malacca and Singapore. 

In the end, Prof. Liu Zhengjiang presented the certificates to the officials of this seminar.

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