CyClaDes Simulator Runs Explore Operator Fatigue

World Maritime University

Sep 27, 2013

Simulator runs took place 25-27 September in the MaRiSa simulator laboratory for the CyClaDes project that focuses on ‘crew centred design and operation of ships and ship systems’. Through the simulator runs, project partners Ergoproject Srl of Italy and Future-Shape GmbH from Germany, in conjunction with WMU, explored operator fatigue and the correlation between operator workload, stress, eye activity, and physical movement. Preliminary results revealed a correlation. WMU students with backgrounds as mariners supported the simulation trials by acting as officers of the watch on two separate, 20-minute RoRo-PAX ferry simulations: one passing the Sound, and one approaching the Bosporus Straits.

The CyClaDes project is designed to promote the increased impact of the human element in shipping across the design and operational lifecycle. The project brings together a multi-disciplinary team to focus on all the key steps in the lifecycle; the stakeholders; where the barriers to human element integration occur; and how to best locate, produce, disseminate, and apply human element knowledge within the overall context of shipping. The advantage is realized by supporting the integration of the human element in the design and operational life-cycle from appreciation, to concept, to design, to application, to evaluation and approval, to maintenance. The outcome will directly address pressing needs identified in the shipping industry and specifically by this call.

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