Dr.Prof. Jin Yongxing Attended the 92nd session of IMO MSC

Shanghai Maritime University


Chair of IMLA, Dr.Prof. Jin Yongxing attended the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) 92, which is held in the headquarters of IMO in London from 12nd – 21st, Jun, 2013, and attended by about 400 representatives from maritime administrations, maritime consultancies, specialized agencies worldwide.

The IMO MSC is the highest level technical body dealing with world maritime safety issues. The MSC 92 discussed widely issues on passenger ship safety, carriage of liquid and gas in bulk, flag state implementation, ship and equipment designing, loadline and stability, safety of fishing ships, safety of general cargo ships, communication and search and rescue, piracy and armed robbery against ships, carriage of dangerous cargo and containers, goal-based ship-designing, etc,. A number of amendments to mandatory instruments were adopted or approved at this session of the MSC – adopted 16 resolutions, approved 28 documents, 33 circulars and 5 new working items. The achievements of MSC sessions are not only significant and influential for world maritime safety, but also for maritime education and training, as well as maritime research activities.

Dr. Prof. Jin involved himself in various events during the whole period of the meeting on behalf of the IMLA, presenting consultancy issues in respect of maritime education and training and maritime safety management, meeting various representatives, joining discussions, etc. Additionally, he met with persons including Mr. Koji Sekimizu, the Sectary-general of IMO, Mr. Zhu Jiangxin, the Director of Technical Co-operation Committee of IMO, Mr. Ashok Mahapatra, the Deputy Director of STW-Committee of IMO, Mr. Christian Breinholt, the Chairman of MSC 92.

During the meeting, IMLA delegate Assoc. Prof. Ruan Wei made a presentation on maritime education and training.

Dr. Prof. Jin Yongxing and Assoc.Prof. Ruan Wei at MSC92 on behalf of IMLA

The meeting hall

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