IMLA at IMO 70

In 2018, IMO will celebrate 70 years since the Convention establishing the Organization was adopted. IMO 70: Our Heritage – Better Shipping for a Better Future: is a series of activities and events to mark and celebrate the 70 years since the convention establishing the Organization was adopted in 1948, and 60 years until it entered into force.

The events include:

  • 6 March 2018 - a formal ceremony to mark the date when the IMO Convention was adopted and held in the presence of Queen Elizabeth 2nd.

  • 15 May 2018 - a high level forum held at IMO Headquarters to discuss the Organization's history, its future challenges and role within the global trade in a changing world.

  • 25 June 2018 - the annual Day of the Seafarer. 

  • Late September 2018 - World Maritime Day celebrated at IMO Headquarters and around the world.

  • During 2018 – in conjunction with the International Congress of Maritime Museums a travelling exhibition will tour participating maritime museums.

  • During 2018 – a photography contest will be held.

  • In addition, the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) meeting will be held 03-07 December 2018 – this will be the MSC’s 100th meeting and is expected to be celebrated too.

Secretary of IMLA attended the15 May 2018 - a high level forum held at IMO Headquarters and brought the information.

The IMO 70 high-level forum was a timely event with the broadly global goal of noting this unique United Nation’s specialised agency’s achievements and adversities during seven decades while, in particular, reflecting on its impending challenges under the banner of “A debate on IMO’s Role in the Future of Shipping and International Trade”.

The forum was opened by Secretary-General KiTack Lim who, after greeting the panellists, the audience and a live-streamed global gathering, referred to IMO’s Strategic Plan 2018-2023 and its four major strategic directions:

·    decarbonisation of shipping,

·    addressing climate change,

·    advancing technology to make shipping more efficient, and

·    advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially number 14”.

IMLA Secretary at  IMO Headquarters

IMO 70  forum

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