Prof. Pierre Dehombreux, Vice President of Belgium University of Mons Visited SMU

Shanghai Maritime University

May 30 2013

On May 24, Prof. Pierre Dehombreux, Vice President of Belgium University of Mons, together with another 2 guests visited SMU. Prof. Jin Yongxing, Vice President of SMU and leaders of relative departments and colleges met with the guests and held friendly talks. 

Prof. Jin Yongxing first gave a warm welcome to Prof. Pierre Dehombreux for his visit to SMU again. He said that SMU and Belgium University of Mons had exchanged visits frequently in recent years, and hoped the two sides could expand cooperation in the fields of teaching exchange, research collaboration on the basis of current exchange program. Prof. Pirlot, from University of Mons had held a 5-day lecture at Scientific Research Academy of SMU this week, discussed with teachers of relevant areas and exchanged their different experiences and academic achievements. A dramatic effect had been obtained, which provided directions for the cooperation between teachers in the future. 

Prof. Pierre Dehombreux thanked for the warm reception. He expressed that although the cooperation between the two sides was not last long, the result had been fruitful. University of Mons and SMU could explore new areas of teaching communication and collaboration in supply chain and logistics management, optimization algorithm and risk management by exchanging teachers to carry forward academic exchange, lectures and research cooperation.

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