Schlumberger digs deep for students

Australian Maritime College

Aug 30 2013

Maritime engineering students now have access to an elite suite of engineering software programs thanks to a donation from information solutions company Schlumberger.

The ECLIPSE and Petrel programs are predominantly used by oil and gas companies to study the characteristics and behaviour of oil and gas reservoirs.

Schlumberger donated five software licenses valued at $3.9 million for use by AMC students undertaking marine and offshore engineering and ocean engineering degrees.

Professor in Marine and Offshore Engineering Faisal Khan said the models developed and run through these programs helped companies make multi-million dollar investment decisions and identify appropriate well optimization and hydrocarbon recovery techniques.

“Students can also use these tools in their research and this generous donation from Schlumberger will allow them to gain valuable experience during their course and, more importantly, during final year thesis,” Professor Khan said.

Marine and Offshore Engineering Course Coordinator Dr Vikram Garaniya added: “It is a rare opportunity to gain access to these types of commercial software programs and we look forward to further developing this collaborative relationship with Schlumberger in the future.”

Bachelor of Engineering (Marine and Offshore Engineering) graduate Azeem Ghani was the first student to benefit from the donation, using the software in his thesis titled “Improved Oil Recovery Using CO2 as an Injection Medium: A Detailed Analysis”.

“The objective of my study was to enhance understanding of improved oil recovery for a typical reservoir located offshore on Australian continental shelf,” Azeem said.

“I employed reservoir simulation to predict the reservoir’s behaviour using different production scenarios. A reservoir model was constructed using the Eclipse software program and used to optimize the well.”

Azeem said carbon dioxide was recognised as the best injection method in oil recovery as it reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased company profit.

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