Teekay Shipping donation fulfills need for speed

Australian Maritime College

Oct 11 2013

Coastal seafaring students can now hone their skills on a wider range of training vessels thanks to the arrival of a fast rescue craft donated by Teekay Shipping.

Coxswain trainees will learn how to handle the fast rescue craft at speed and how to berth the vessel; while those studying marine engine driving will learn how to service and maintain its engine and electrical systems.

Vocational Education and Training Program Manager Jarrod Weaving said the contribution allowed AMC to expand its training programs to incorporate jet-powered vessels which were commonly used in industries such as pearl farming and salmon farming.

“The control of a jet-powered vessel is challenging for any mariner who has primarily operated conventional vessels, so the opportunity to train with this fast rescue craft means that AMC students gain exposure to and become proficient with the latest vessels used in industry.”

The driving force behind the donation was Teekay Shipping’s Offshore Facility Manager and AMC alumnus Samir Sen, who decommissioned the fast rescue craft after 14 years servicing the FSO Dampier Spirit in Western Australia. He views the gift as a “quid pro quo” moment.

“AMC has shaped me into becoming an authentic leader, therefore it was my turn to return the favour,” said Mr Sen, who graduated with a Bachelor of Technology (Marine Engineering) in 2000.

“I hope that our contribution helps in creating a dynamic learning community. By getting involved, we can be an integral part of the future and help unlock the full potential of students who are aspiring to start their career at sea.”

Mr Weaving said AMC was fortunate to have strong ties with Teekay and other Australian-based shipping companies.

“Teekay has a strong commitment to training and AMC benefits from our close relationship as it helps to ensure that our training is relevant to current industry practice and at the right standard. We receive good feedback from Teekay about our students’ performance at sea which helps to guide our training and assessment here at the college.”

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