It is with great delight that we received a few video messages from IMLA senior members. They are remarkable individuals who have contributed their expertise and enthusiasm to the formation and development of IMLA and its three Special Interest Groups. From their speeches, we will hear their personal experience of engagement with the IMLA, and how they have supported, at different times of the 40-year history, to shape an Association of today.

Capt. Fred Weeks, founding member of IMLA

Prof. Malek Pourzanjani, former Chairman of IMLA

Mr. Alain Brillault, Vice Chairman of IMLA

Prof. Peter Trenkner, former Chairman of IMLA-IMEC

Prof. Knud Benedict, former Chairman of IMLA-INSLC

(supported by the incumbent INSLC Chairman, Mr. Michael Baldauf)

Message by Prof. Vladimir Lanchukovsky, former Steering Committee member of IMLA-ICERS